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Interactive presentations

Present exactly the contents which your prospects are interested in. Adapt your presentations flexibly during the communication to your prospective client's questions and fields of interest.

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Navigate flexibly

Transform your presentation into a conversation

  • Visual introduction

    Begin your meeting with a visual introduction and navigate it by just a few clicks to the themes which are most interesting for your prospective clients.

  • Access all content immediately

    All content is accessible to your team from the Infopoint in just a few clicks.

  • Switch among different topics

    Contents are fast and easy to get from interactive presentations. Switch seamlessly among presentations, slides, and contents.

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Editor for interactive elements

Create interactive presentations easily

Create PDF-presentations with standard tools like Powerpoint or Adobe Indesign and transform these into an interactive content hub.

  • Smart navigation

    Using internal navigation you can link a slide to suitable presentations, videos, whitepapers, and graphics.

  • References & internal notes

    Provide your sales department with internal notes for queries that can only be viewed by the presenter.

  • Overlay elements

    Highlight some extra information on a chosen slide to make complex slides easier to understand.

Fast, easy, ready:

Impressive presentation experiences

High quality

Create high quality interactive presentations with Pitchview.

Use your existing content

Make previously created contents easily accessible by simply linking to them.

No programming needed

Save costs. Additionally you only need standard applications like Powerpoint or Indesign.


Simply replace individual components of the presentation on your own, without having to rely on the assistance of external providers.

Also offline

Interactive presentations are saved locally and can be presented in offline mode as well.

Everybody is always up-to-date

You can be sure that only released and no outdated documents will be presented.

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