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7. March 2024

Paper and plastic are not sustainable, but working with Pitchview is

Jennifer Fritz

;ssustainable sales

We sat down with NIO’s CSO, Marc Dellmann, to take a look back at their beginnings with Pitchview, but also to look to the future. Because one thing is clear: Pitchview and NIO both want to advance digital sales.

When Marc Dellmann took over sales at NIO, he noticed two things in particular. Some people were still going into sales with paper presentations. Although there existed digital tool intended to change this situation. As in many sales teams, there was room for improvement here. “We are a company that offers investments with a strong focus on sustainability. It’s a bit strange when you go to customers and bring your idea in paper and plastic,” adds Marc Dellmann with a smile.

Dellmann’s requirements for a new tool were clear: modern, fast, lean, digital, Device2Device. Ideally, it should be possible to upload content and make it available to the entire team. It should also be able to act individually and flexibly. It needed to be a better communication tool, both internally and externally.

With Pitchview towards a modern sales reality

Marc Dellmann set out in search of a better communication tool and this is where Pitchview and Frederic Sell came into play, he recalls, “I’m very pragmatic about it. I then became aware of Pitchview, picked up the phone and called Frederic. My thought’s were, ‘okay, that looks cool on the website. I want to understand it a bit better. Let’s see what a demo produces and whether we can test it out’. And that’s what happened. And that certainly helped: We worked together excellently from minute one,” recalls Marc Dellmann.

The benefit for NIO? Clean, beautiful device-to-device presentations without having to log in anywhere – whether on Android, Apple or any other operating system. Replacing email attachments with “small data rooms” (shared spaces) that can be updated at any time and where interested parties can access data and documents via a single link – including user analytics. The ability to easily tailor the pitch to the customer’s situation.

“Very important: customers are positively impressed. When you show presentations on the boardroom screen, their laptop or iPad and can navigate through them incredibly flexibly and quickly, it’s very well received. And nobody has to take printouts with them anymore, they just get a link to the data room as a follow-up, which is customised in NIO branding.”
Marc Dellmann – CSO NIO

NIO has been using Pitchview as a digital sales communication tool since 2023. Of course, it took some time for the team to become Pitchview power users, but today nobody is travelling with paper and plastic to customers anymore to explain sustainable investments.

Working together on the future of sales

Now that everyone at NIO is using Pitchview, it’s time to look to the future together and explore how the teams can use the app even more effectively, but also what is needed to be even more convincing on site and online.

Marc Dellmann has already made one specific request: better integration of video slides into the presentation flow, both during the pitch itself and in the data room.

What does Frederic Sell say? “We already have that on the list ourselves. But Marc is the first customer to explicitly mention it. Videos and slides should definitely work together in a mix. I have already discussed this internally, and we will prioritise it higher.”

NIO and Pitchview will continue to discuss digital sales in the future. And if you want to find out more, follow Pitchview on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.



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