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25. April 2022

Easily integrate Pitchview Spaces into your website

Frederic Sell

o doIs your pharma portal poorly adopted by HCPs because logging in is too much of a hassle for most? With Pitchview Spaces, you can make personalized information available to HCPs with just one click – no additional log-in required.

Simply integrate your Pitchview Data Room directly into your pharma portal – personalized, simple, compliant. With Pitchview Spaces, the path to a seamless user experience is easy.

Build an integrated but individualised landing page for your HCPs with Pitchview

Using the Pitchview app, you can provide individual landing pages with curated content to each of your HCPs individually. These landing pages can be embedded directly into your portal or website via iFrame. Your business card will be inserted automatically.

There are clear advantages:

  • The domain remains the same, for example,
  • Navigation remains the same for HCPs across all touchpoints.
  • Layout, colors, fonts, and other branding match the website.
  • You add custom landing pages to your website as a bridge towards your online communications.
  • You can easily integrate these landing pages into a Google Analytics tracking concept.

Integrated in just a few steps

An iFrame is an HTLM element that allows you to embed an external website into your page. For example, a shared space in your pharmaceutical portal.  To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • To integrate an iFrame, you need a SpaceID that identifies the shared space. This may looks something like this:
  • The iFrame then receives the Space ID as follows:
  • <iframe src=”” height=”900” width=”1895”></iframe>

For example, you can embed this iFrame into your iFrame for testing:

Pitchview prevents link clutter

Pitchview Spaces is compliant with both the Therapeutic Products Act and DSGVO. The individual microsites are not discoverable via Google. Doctors therefore do not have to log in first to view content.

Pitchview offers shared spaces as well as the ability to easily and intuitively create presentations that can be shared with the HCP at any time, without link clutter. All in one app, from the approved content, to the presentation, to the delivery of the relevant information to the physicians.

Curious? Try pitchview now for free.

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