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25. February 2021

Effective product presentation in the corona era

Jennifer Fritz

The new reality: no trade shows, no on-site appointments, no face-to-face contacts. Instead, ineffective online events and inconvenient video conferences. Have you also been thwarted by Corona during a product launch or customer appointment? 

Until the pandemic began, the appropriate flagship trade show in each industry came at the same annual cycle. And the highlight of a trade fair stand was the presentation of the company’s own new products and innovations. “What’s new?” was the question that drew visitors to the exhibition halls in droves.

Moving this experience online only works to a limited extent. That’s what last year’s experience showed. Poor Internet connections and even poorer tools overshadow the first impression of you and your product. Registration numbers are lower from the start. In short: The experience cannot keep up with a trade show.

Or you organize a product launch yourself. This requires professional moderation, a camera team and speakers. This can be expensive and is by far not as effective as the 1:1 conversation. The passive consumption of information reduces the desire to buy. At the moment, the only way to present new products is digitally. New, better solutions are needed for this.

Shifting the face-to-face conversation at the trade show booth to the web.

The conversation is now no longer on-site, so a digital solution must be found that makes this proximity possible again. A sales team needs the same security and freedom as in a well-prepared trade show week, finds Frederic Sell of Pitchview: “What sales needs, in our experience, is simplicity and flexibility. Only a tool that allows conversation and argumentation chains to be created in advance and accessed flexibly provides the basis for successful digital sales conversations.”

A view is ideal when sales staff can quickly switch back and forth between the individual strands of argumentation. This allows sales to seamlessly adapt to the course of the conversation with the customer. This gives both sides back the feeling that the customers, with all their questions and concerns, are understood and valued. Whether the personal product presentation takes place by telephone, video conference or on site with a minimum distance is then only of secondary importance – as long as everything runs smoothly and the presentation is convincing. The presentation should be continuously optimized in cooperation with various departments. This ensures that the presentation is structured precisely to help sales with the customer – flexible, engaging, on brand and up-to-date. The contact point “digital customer conversation” can thus be planned and optimized.

Frederic has some tips on how to convince with your product presentation: “Tell a story – through text, video, story and argumentation chains. Pitchview Projector gives you full freedom in terms of media. You can use internal links, videos, interactive microsites, popups and only internally visible tips to bring out the best in your product and enable all the help you can think of for your sales.”

Don’t let inappropriate tools slow you down in presenting your products anymore. Your time and that of your customers is too valuable for that.

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