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Present face-to-face

Presenting in a new way on site

Present on external displays

In a conference room or practice

Present on external displays

  • Launch your presentation on external displays or beamers in seconds and control the content with the Pitchview app.
  • You just need a weak internet connection, no guest Wi-Fi and no network cable needed.
  • The presentation starts automatically after entering a 4-digit code or by scanning a QR code.

Simply take your display with you to the appointment

No matter where

Simply take your display with you to the appointment

You are not sure if your prospect can provide a screen for a product demonstration?

  • Connect your smart phone with your tablet via QR-code. Your smart phone becomes a presenter stick and your tablet turns into a mobile display.
  • Your prospect is now viewing your iPad and you control your presentation easily with your iPhone.

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