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3. April 2023

Get more out of every conversation with Pitchview Viewer Links

Jennifer Fritz

How many times have you had a conversation with a Health-Care-Professional, and then remembered that you wanted to invite the client to a webinar or collect an eConsent? With Pitchview Viewer Links, this will never happen again.

What are Viewer Links?

Viewer links offer the possibility of setting direct links via graphics and texts in your presentations. Viewer links are particularly useful in the following cases:

  • You want to present a new landing page to your customer and surf together on your HCP portal.
  • You want the respective person to register for a webinar or a conference directly in the conversation
  • You want to query the eConsent of the respective person directly
  • You want to easily upgrade a telephone call to a zoom call
  • You want the person in question to connect directly with you on LinkedIn

Only your own creativity can limit the potential uses when using the viewer links. The link can be displayed in Pitchview as long as it can theoretically be defined in PowerPoint or Adobe.

How do you integrate Viewer Links?

You can easily insert viewer links via the PowerPoint and Adobe programmes. Here is an example of how this works in PowerPoint.

1. Simply right-click on the text or graphic and click on “Link” in the menu.

2. Insert link.

3. And save the presentation as a PDF in PowerPoint. This way it can then be uploaded in the Pitchview app and shared by Pitchview for Viewer Links.

Do you want to use Viewer Links to enhance your presentations? Contact us right away to schedule a demo session.

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