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14. February 2023

It’s the relationship, stupid

Jennifer Fritz

It’s five to three, the HCP has given exactly five minutes until they have to go and the sales rep has to perform on the spot. How do you do that via phone, though? You can’t win by just being charming or informative, there has to be that little bit extra. Pitchview presents Liv Nixon, who shows what that extra detail is and how to use it to your advantage. 

Make every minute count with your HCPs – even on the phone

The UK’s NHS is under significant strain, so pharma sales reps have to make the best of the precious time HCPs can spare them to build a meaningful relationship and make every interaction count.

In Great Britain, the numbers of face-to-face communication with HCPs is going back to pre-Covid standards very slowly and will possibly never be the same. The flood of emails that reach every HCP every week seems to strain the relationship even more. Phone calls are more important than ever. We need to make them count. 

“Give them one thing to remember, one thing to take away, but make sure it’s something really valuable, so that customer puts down the phone and thinks, “that was a good use of my time.”” Liv Nixon – Independent            Consultant

If the experience is not frictionless for both parties, it makes a sustainable and strong relationship almost impossible to achieve. You need the right approach and the right tools. Specifically, you need something for everyone. A tool and process that leaves no-one behind on either side of the call. Even if tech abilities are low. impossible? Not at all. Very much possible.  

Learn how to turn your phone call into an opportunity

Liv Nixon has worked in multichannel sales servicing a variety of blue chip pharma companies since 2013 and picked up a bag of tricks for you along the way. She can show you in her online seminar “Making Every Interaction with HCPs Count” how you can create strong customer coupled relationships with excellent content. 

What you can expect in the online seminar is…

  • … Top tips that help convert the shortest telephone call into an opportunity.
  • … how you can share visual content via phone calls.
  • … how you can offer the HCPs value even after the call ends.
  • … ideas for a stronger and sustainable customer relationship.
  • … a sneak preview / taster of her new training course, TWEAKS™. 

Liv is looking forward to meeting you in her online seminar Thursday, 02.03.2023 at 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm British Time (4:30 pm to 6:00 pm Berlin Time). If you are from outside the UK swing by anyway, all tips given are transferable to your country. You can register to the LinkedIn Event here .

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