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Easily create and distribute content

All health care professionals today expect content tailored to their needs. Their employees don't want any extra hassle with it. With Pitchview Studio, that's easy to make happen.

Create and use your content ideally

Modern sales content

Create and use your content ideally

Depending on the HCP, the expectations vary immensely?

  • With the Pitchview Studio, you can make ideal use of the content you already have and enrich it with new content morsels. Casuistics, product presentations, eFolders, technical information or invitations to events can be flexibly strung together - in line with the customer's expectations.
Quickly adapt content to process and counterpart

Flexibly adaptable

Quickly adapt content to process and counterpart

  • Present appropriate information and content as a seamless experience, whether nurse, chief physician, MFA, or pharmacist.
  • Depending on the length and depth of the relationship with contacts, different content is required. Simply use content for different "levels".
  • With Pitchview, any content becomes a content atom - flexibly reassembled and presentable.
Easy eDetailing

Without HTML5, without stress

Easy eDetailing

Time and costs are too high because eDetailings have to be programmed?

  • With the Pitchview Studio, this is no longer an issue. Here, you can enter your content yourself, network it with each other, and make clever use of existing content. And the best part? It's child's play.
Easy to release

Simple distribution processes

Easy to release

And once the content is created or re-pitched, it can be easily redistributed in a Pitchview Space, an individual website. And all can be assured that the right version is circulating. How? If a piece of content is changed, it can be replaced in the Content Hub and all Spaces automatically adjust to the new, shared content.

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Experience now

Experience now how modern, interactive eDetailings can look like with Pitchview.

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