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Analyze your trade show success based on data

The Pitchview Analytics feature provides you with key performance indicators that help you better calculate the ROI of your trade show investment.

Lead Tracking

From now on, your trade show investment is no longer a black box

How many contacts did your team capture at which trade show? How many CEOs, purchasing managers or applicants were at your stand?

All recorded leads can be displayed by days, teams or events. So you can see at a first glance when a trade show day was successful.

Clear score lists give you information about the workload of your teams, so that you can plan both current and future events.

Content Tracking

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing materials.

The Analytics feature also provides statistics on the performance of marketing and sales documents.

Which documents are most useful for your sales team? Which products are in particular demand? And which documents are used little or not at all? Thanks to the content tracking of the Pitchview App, you know exactly which documents are needed!

Do the test!

Do the test!

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