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1. April 2021

Projector: Bridging the Pandemic Gap with Remote eDetailing

Frederic Sell

Health care professionals are hard to reach. This was true even before COVID-19. Social distancing and added stress for all health care professionals due to a global pandemic don’t make it any easier. Some become home office hermits. But Pitchview Projector makes it easier to cover that distance. Fast, flexible and remote.

Before I used Pitchview Remote, working in the pandemic was really exhausting. Doctors unavailable. Appointments not even possible due to access restrictions. A real disaster for me as a pharmaceutical speaker.

Jörg, 39. 

Selling in a pandemic – a real challenge

You may be familiar with this: When trying to have a qualified conversation with an HPC, it fails due to several factors in pandemic times

  1. Distance or access rules and mandatory masks make it difficult to get appointments at all.
  2. The counterpart is stressed and inattentive when it comes to a phone call.
  3. An interactive presentation is not possible because video conferencing systems like Zoom are not allowed by many hospital IT systems.
  4. The technology strikes when one finally makes it on site.
  5. The material on their device is already out of date because marketing can’t keep up.

Closing a sale takes several times as much effort as it did before the pandemic. What simpler days were those when you could just sit down with an iPad and a coffee and go through a presentation. Now there are plexiglass screens everywhere. And video technology is not particularly accessible to many HCPs either. Not everyone wants to deal with it in the current climate. And helpful tools are just not in sight? That hasn’t been true since January 2021.

Present remotely quickly and easily with Pitchview Projector

Pitchview Projector is a remote presentation app for iPhone and iPad that is easy to use. You can quickly load appropriate content. It’s a new, reliable tool that allows you to present content synchronously from anywhere – even if you’re just on the phone with your potential client. For typical callbacks, you can quickly and seamlessly add matching slides to your prepared presentation.

The marketing department can create and provide interactive content as easy as possible. Without high effort or loss of time. You also have full control that only approved content is presented.

Jörg has already been able to use Pitchview Projector and reports, “I was surprised myself. As soon as it was clear to the doctors that I was sending them a link and they didn’t have to do anything but click on it, they were immediately ready to make an appointment.” The ease of use is a real win-win for both parties. Everyone involved can be sure they’re seeing the same thing through the remote eDetailing app. And how has Pitchview Projector been received by the rest of the team? “Surprisingly well. The enthusiasm of our somewhat techie colleagues made sure the others wanted to know about it, too. The little effort it took to learn the app was worth it to everyone in the end.” 

Learn more about Pitchview projector feature here.

Curious about how you can support your pharma speakers with a remote eDetailing app? Let´s talk.

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