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1. April 2021

Present remotely from anywhere with Pitchview Projector

Frederic Sell

May 2020 – the lockdown is over, but for Jonas and Frederic from Pitchview it is slowly becoming clear: trade fairs will not be able to take place normally for a long time. So what now? Clearly, a new product is needed that builds flexible communication bridges. January 2021 – the new Pitchview product “Projector” is ready for the market.

“Then, when all the trade shows were canceled, I was in a kind of panic mode. It became clear that it probably wasn’t going to continue like this. It was a strange feeling,” Frederic recalls. But after a moment’s reflection, it was clear: A crisis is always an opportunity for something new. “We talked to existing customers and collected ideas. Emotionally, that’s when the turnaround came. So we sat down and developed a new idea,” adds Jonas.

Pitchview Projector as an answer to the pandemic

The crux of the crisis was also immediately clear to sales staff: Sales relies on face-to-face meetings. And suddenly there was a gap between sales and potential customers. The task is to bridge this gap.

Between June 2020 and today, we collaborated with a customer to develop the new Pitchview product “Projector. The customer’s marketing and sales team has already tested Pitchview Projector extensively. And that is also one of the special features of the new product. Here, marketing and sales work hand in hand to deliver a perfect presentation to potential customers.

Pitchview Projector allows the marketing team to easily create interactive presentations in-house. These are then made available to the sales team via a system, always in the most up-to-date version for selection. And because the system is so simple, sales can flexibly adapt their presentation to the course of the conversation.

Bridging the digital divide with Projector

In a global pandemic, home visits to customers have become rare for salespeople. The business world has also become distant. But sales relies on being close to the market. Pitchview Projector helps bridge that gap in an online meeting or over the phone. The remote presentation software makes it possible to present quickly on viewers’ screens from anywhere.

How does this work exactly? 

  1. The marketing team provides the content to the entire sales team via a central content hub.
  2. The sales person can share a link with the potential customer and immediately start the presentation. No download, installation or extension required.
  3. The conversation is ready to go. Time for sales to shine with Pitchview Projector.

Pitchview Projector works in any browser. So sales can focus on the customer conversation and not get distracted by technology and content search. 

Projector brings your sales and marketing team together

“Our vision is to support Sales employees in their daily work. At the same time, we also want to unite sales and marketing as a team. Because only when everyone works together something really good comes out of it,” says Frederic. “We have succeeded in doing that with Pitchview Projector. The first tests with customers show that,” adds Jonas. 

As from now you have the possibility to download Pitchview Projector in the App Store and test it for 14 days for free.


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