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4. November 2021

Present confidently in any situation – even with minimum distance


Do you know this? You have to keep the minimum distance to your HCP or don’t want to get too close to the person anyway, but once again there’s no screen to present on? Poof, you have to whip out your iPad to save the day – but it remains awkward for everyone involved. With Pitchview, this wouldn’t have happened.

The regulations on the minimum distance have not made it any easier: In order not to get too close to the HCP, sometimes there is no choice but to literally hand over the presentation so that contact persons can browse through it listlessly while you try to save the whole thing on the soundtrack.

Everything under control 

Even if a doctor doesn’t have a display on which you can present or is only encountered between doors, with Pitchview all this is no longer a problem. You can let the HCP use your tablet without losing control of the presentation, because your smartphone becomes a presenter stick with just one scan.

With Pitchview, you don’t need anything else in an appointment except your equipment and a weak LTE connection. Since all content is stored locally on both the tablet and the smartphone, streaming across both devices works very low-data. 

Once scanned, the presentation appears in view mode on one device and in control mode on the other. With Pitchview, you can position yourself at a comfortable distance from the HCP and present your product in the best possible way, calmly, but using multimedia. You can adapt your presentation to the course of the conversation at any time, pause it, as well as highlight certain points using the laser pointer or zoom function.  

With Pitchview, you won’t be put in awkward presentation situation anymore. Try Pitchview today for free.


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