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Present remote easily.

Quickly present your own and company-wide marketing materials to your audiences screens and control the content with the Projector app.

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Made for the stressful daily sales routine. Easy and robust operation.

Make content available to the entire sales force in a central content hub.

Benefits for your sales team

Focus on the customer conversation, not on technology or on finding content.

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Fast, intuitive and reliable

Present content elegantly in any situation

  • Easily turn phone calls into presentations

    Simply share a short URL during the call and turn your audio conversation into a multimedia presentation. Without any install or effort for your prospects.

  • Present with minimum distance

    Present content elegantly on multiple computers in face-to-face meetings without risk of infection and with minimum spacing.

  • In video conference systems

    Questions like, "Can you see this presentation?" are over with Pitchview Projector. By presenting with Pitchview, the presentation is always displayed immediately and your sales force doesn't have to deal with the approval processes of the various screen sharing tools.

  • At conferences and seminars

    For presentations in front of an audience, such as conferences or seminars, the audience can also follow the content on their own devices. This way, the content is presented sharp for everyone, and can always be viewed and downloaded directly.

  • In conference rooms

    You want to give a presentation in your customer's conference room and don't know what technology to expect there? With Pitchview, you no longer need to rely on suitable projector cables, guest wi-fi or USB sticks. All you need is your smartphone, the Pitchview app and a weak LTE network.

Flexibly adapt your presentation to the course of the conversation

Act flexibly and quickly

Flexibly adapt your presentation to the course of the conversation

  • Present different presentations, slides, and content as a seamless experience.
  • Show content professionally in a brand space, without unclean wallpapers.

Benefits for your marketing

Make content available to the entire sales force in a central content hub.

Netflix for your marketing content

Central content hub

Netflix for your marketing content

Your sales department has all marketing content at hand on & offline in the current version.

  • One Place of Truth for your sales documents.
  • Your entire sales team always receives all new content automatically.

Create interactive presentations with No-Code

Create interactive presentations

Create interactive presentations with No-Code

Save time and money on interactive content creation with our no-code solution.

  • Create interactive presentations easily with tools like PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign or Google Slides.
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  • You don't need service providers for programming and can distribute all content to your team in real time.

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