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Rep-triggered Emails, Digital Fatigue of HCP’s, and the Power of Shared Spaces.

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceutical sales, traditional methods are evolving to meet the demands of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) while addressing the challenges of digital fatigue. Explore how moving away from push strategies like rep-triggered emails to pull strategies like shared spaces can not only combat digital fatigue but revolutionize how companies engage with HCPs.

Rep-triggered Emails, Digital Fatigue of HCP’s, and the Power of Shared Spaces.
The Pitfall of Rep triggered emails

Digital Fatigue

The Pitfall of Rep triggered emails

  • Using rep-triggered emails for personalized communication in healthcare engagement leads to digital fatigue and has notable limitations.
  • The one-directional nature of conventional emails leads to a lack of interactivity, reducing the overall effectiveness of communication.
  • Designing, testing, and integrating personalized emails into CRM systems is costly and time-consuming for pharmaceutical reps, limiting their ability to personalize communication effectively.
  • Rep-triggered emails have limitations in delivering personalized messages to key opinion leaders or specialists, emphasizing the need for creative solutions to enhance targeted communication.

Shared spaces: One platform for all materials.

Time for a transformation

Shared spaces: One platform for all materials.

  • Shared spaces transform pharmaceutical engagement by centralizing content, making it easily accessible for HCPs to find and absorb information when needed.
  • Real-time collaboration features enable sales representatives to create meaningful interactions by exclusively sharing pre-approved content.
  • Analytics offer valuable insights into HCP interaction, empowering sales teams with data-driven decision-making for refined engagement strategies.
  • Pitchview has integrations to Veeva and other CRMs, so you don’t need your change your CRM system but add shared spaces to your strategy.

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Explore why Shared spaces are a better solution to Rep Triggered emails:

Shared Spaces Rep triggered Emails
Personalization Highly Customizable, adaptable to each HCP. Limited personalization as only the free text can be updated.
Information Delivery Access for HCP’s to all relevant information in one central location. Emails waves.
Analytics Provides detailed analytics on HCPs interaction. Basic analytics, on rates per click.
Costs Do not require any programming and can be created with just few clicks. Each email template must be individually designed, tested and integrated with the CRM.
Efficiency Time saving as the Materials must be approved. Materials and new email templates must be approved.

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