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Present digitally at trade shows

Flexibly demonstrate your portfolio at a digital trade show. Present on digital displays or TVs and connect by scanning a QR-code or via the Pitchview App in seconds.

High quality

High quality signage system at your trade show booth.


It works on every web-enabled display or TV.

Suitable for any type of events

You can take the whole product line even to a smaller event virtually with you.

Present impressively

Present impressively

  • Each employee can log in on any trade show display by scanning a QR-code via the Pitchview App and flexibly present contents.
  • With the Pitchview App every employee has access to all the relevant documents. Simply present your whole product line at your trade show booth virtually.

Present safely with a minimum distance

Present safely with a minimum distance

  • Simply maintain a minimum distance to your visitors.
  • You do not need to disinfect after your presentation.

Collect trade show leads digitally

Digital lead acquisition

Collect trade show leads digitally

  • Collect leads during or after your presentation in less than 5 seconds via digital leadforms and the international business card scanner.
  • Send personal thank-you emails directly from the trade show booth including individually selected marketing documents.

Experience the dropscan function in a personal demo session