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11. November 2021

With the right tool you always get into conversation


Consultation times with doctors have become shorter and shorter in recent years, and with specialists and general practitioners, it is now almost only possible to speak by appointment. You don’t get to talk easily anymore, as was the case in the past. The pandemic only exacerbated the situation: To get one of the coveted appointments, communication and relationship have to match.

The last year has hit the mood on all sides. Doctors are suffering from patient declines because many only go to the doctor during the pandemic if they absolutely have to. This is noticeable in terms of the revenue. As a pharmaceutical sales representative you are on the other side, as you would like to maintain your relationship regularly in order to sell your products in the long run and to secure jobs. Pharmaceutical sales consultant Oliver Salz has some tips on how you can still come together. 

Adapt your communication to the customer’s capabilities 

Only 20 percent of physicians are even willing to hold an appointment with you via a video conferencing tool. But the phone alone doesn’t get your points across. It is a dilemma. Oliver Salz can tell from his many years of experience: “Many physicians don’t even have a possibility to conduct virtual meetings well because, for example, they don’t even have a camera. In this case, communication must be strongly differentiated on an individual basis and adapted to the needs and capabilities of the customer.” 

In order to avoid being sidelined from the outset, the first step is to define the right channel. The preferences of the customer take precedence over the established sales process. Hybrid sales – online and offline – are the future. But this requires great media competence and innovative tools that provide you with the best possible support in every communication situation. 

Address the issues of the doctor specifically

The time of the doctors is limited, the appointments that are given are limited in number. However, it is important to convince with every conversation that you are the right person for the important issues and problems. Oliver Salz knows that “here it simply depends on the feeling of the pharmaceutical representative for the counterpart and on the knowledge of which topics are also currently important to them.” 

Before each conversation, identify the three issues you believe you can address with your product. Prepare slides with arguments on just these points, but be sure to bring some on other selling points and studies, too. Of course, you need a tool that allows you to jump to the right information in seconds.

Convince with well prepared data

“Today I need to know the needs of a doctor so that I can set my topics. I need to be able to show what new data I have and how that relates to the physician’s needs”, Oliver Salz says. The persuasive power of well-prepared data is clear. But how to present if doctors are not available for videoconferencing right now?

Oliver Salz has a tip here too: “For this, I need a tool that allows me to make sure that both of us see the same thing and can go into the exchange about it, even if the other person does not have a camera. Only if the tool is really easy to use simultaneously, then I can improve the quality of the relationship to the doctor, even virtually.” Pitchview allows you to show the appropriate information in any situation, whether your are in the same room with the doctor or not. 

With Pitchview Projector you have the opportunity to better anchor your messages with a tool that is easy and intuitive to learn. Because it simply does what it should: it transports information to your counterpart. 

Are you curious how you can convince your prospective client with a remote eDetailing app?  Let us talk. 

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