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24. January 2024

Nobody wants standard presentations anymore, but custom flows.

Jennifer Fritz

Your time and that of your HCPs is too valuable for Standard. At least, that’s what sales and marketing agree on. With custom flows, you make the most of your slides for everyone.

The latest statistics all paint the same picture: HCPs only give sales reps a few minutes to convince them. If at all. With a standard presentation, it is difficult to convince them of your own product in this very limited time. It has to be personalized and tailored to the individual HCP’s use cases.

Good thing there are custom flows.

What is a custom flow?

Custom flows make it possible to create an individualized presentation from all existing and approved slides in a content hub. This helps sales and marketing alike.

This new way of creating flows modernizes the way sales reps approach HCP appointments and allows them to tailor each individual presentation to the customer’s needs. The slide kit can be prepared precisely for the specific situation in the practice, hospital or pharmacy and shows the contact persons that their situation is really understood and real solutions are brought along. And if a detail changes shortly beforehand, such as the price, the slides are always updated automatically in Custom Flow. This allows the sales force to focus on what is important: the dialog with people.

From a marketing perspective, custom flows stand for a path that takes into account both the compliance needs of the company and individualization towards the target groups. This allows you to offer sales the necessary flexibility without compromising the company guidelines. The automatic update of the content edited by marketing ensures that everyone is presented with the latest materials.

What advantages does a Custom Flow offer?

Custom Flow offers the following benefits for sales and marketing:

  • Flexible: customize your presentations from anywhere – even on the go.
  • Personalized: Tailor your messages to different target groups or occasions.
  • Consistent: Maintain brand consistency and conformity across all presentations.
  • Compliant: Ensure your content is always up to date and in line with your company’s compliance standards.
  • Time and resource saving: Create a new flow from existing content in just a few seconds.

Don’t believe the future of presentation can be this simple? See for yourself:


Want to try it out for yourself? No problem! Simply log in to your Pitchview account and experience the magic of a custom flow for yourself today.

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