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High-quality sales room instead of e-mail chaos

Turn your documents into a data room in a few simple steps with Pitchview Shared Spaces. With Pitchview Spaces, you simply share a link to a single branded page with personalized information for your customers.

Personalized, up-to-date, compliant - on any device

Mordern Data Room

Personalized, up-to-date, compliant - on any device

  • Personalized

    Pitchview Shared Spaces lets you assemble the appropriate documents on individual Spaces and send them to the relevant customer - with a personalized approach and accessible via a single link.

  • Always up-to-date

    Shared Spaces ensure that only the most current and approved content is delivered. And even after publishing, the content on the Space updates itself.

  • Legally compliant

    All transferred links are not publicly accessible on the net and can be withdrawn at any time with one click. Also an integration into a (protected) portal is quite simple via iFrame.

  • Mobile compatible

    The Shared Spaces adapt optimally to the end device of their customers. The most important information can be easily accessed from any device and in any situation - whether it's a document or their contact data.

Streamline your sales communication

Hand in hand

Streamline your sales communication

  • The time of outdated and unfinished, shared documents is over. With Pitchview, only what has been approved and really fits the customer's use case reaches the customer.
  • The customer is interested in the product study? No problem. Just share the document on their shared space and hand everything over to the client in a few minutes. Without another loop with marketing, because the colleagues are involved from the beginning with Pitchview.

Omnichannel, but personilized

To the point

Omnichannel, but personilized

  • With Pitchview, you and your customers get a seamless, effortless, and high-quality content experience, across and between all contact channels.
  • At the same time, your customers get exactly what they need to solve their specific problem in every contact and every piece of information shared - through individualized presentations and Pitchview Spaces.

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